About Us

Ciro Casella

Restaurant owner and born into a family of chefs…

Fabio Casella

As early as 17, Fabio dedicated himself to learning how to cook. He learned from his uncle, aunts and grandmother as well as many various trips back to Salerno.

He took his knowledge and discipline to two Bronx institutions. Mike’s deli, located inside the Arthur Ave Market and to Joe’ s Deli, a mozzarella temple located a stone’s throw away. Fabio also lent his talents to help steer and define the Italian cheese programs for both Dean and DeLuca, and Grace’s Marketplace

About Us

Our Neopolitan pizze, all 15 of them, will be accompanied by weekly specials. From the Anima e Trucco to the Regina Margherita, the pizze are blistered, pliable and chewy. In addition ever changing special entrees will be offered weekly depending on what is fresh and seasonal, plus what special product can be imported from the many talented artisans that dot the area around Salerno.

What is a Panuozzo?

This delicious and versatile dish is closely associated with a few towns in the Salerno region of Campania. Small towns such as Gragnano, Pimonte, Agerola have become closely associated with the panuozzo and diners come from near and far to feast on the warm, flavorful dish.

The panuozzo starts as would a pizza but results in a type of panino but with freshly baked bread. The bread, with its beautiful honeycomb-like crumbs, is moist and permeated with the scent of smoked scamorza or the sweetness of porchetta, just to name but a few of the ingredients that can be had.